Cycling Classes Tempe, Az


The Fast Cycle Studio

We offer fun high energy cycling classes of all types. Come check us out and take a ride on one of our LeMond Bikes, the best in the industry, in our Theater Enhanced Cycling Studio with the best instructors in the country. We offer both LIVE instructor-led classes and our virtual INDURO rides. Start Cycle Training Today!
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Schedule one of our cycling classes today and start reaping the rewards. Connect with one of our instructors for an extra dose of encouragement or simply find a time that fits for your schedule. Both LIVE instructor-led and INDURO virtual classes guarantee a high calorie burning, cardio day.
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Fast Cycle Training Programs

Our knowledgeable instructors each bring a unique style to each of the classes. Unlike the other guys, we want our instructors to inspire your ride with their individual personalities and creativity, NOT conform to a specific branded training style. Schedule a LIVE instructor-led class today and get to know our K.A. Fast Cycle Team. Or take a world tour with our INDURO Theater Enhanced virtual rides. Enjoy cycling through cities, towns, beaches, and country sides that you never have seen before. Get ready to go on a new adventure every time you train at Fast Cycle.
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The Benefits of Cycle Training

Cycling is low impact and recommended by trainers throughout the country. If you want to increase your endurance or just shed a few pounds there is no better way to get in shape. Cycle classes are an amazing way to reduce stress and build muscle tone. There’s less of injuries when compared to other cardio sports and cycle can be done year round. If that’s not enough, cycle interval training helps burns calories and fat in a shorter period of time, boosts metabolism, conditions your heart and increases your overall fitness level.
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